Rosengrens REL

Certified electronic lock for safes and doors.

REL is a user-friendly electronic lock designed for securing and managing access to safes and doors. Available in two models – fixed keypad or turnable keypad – and with a range of different functions, including multiple user configuration, audit trail, time delay override, dual code options and alarm features. Programming can be performed remotely from a computer or via the lock itself. REL carries several certifications, including ECB•S Grade B and VdS Class 2, as well as lables from CNPP, DNV and UL.

Functions: REL offers two pre-programmed levels of functionality. Level 1 is for a single user with manager mode where the manager can change the code, activiate user, delete user, test entry keys and programme the time delay feature. Level 2 is for up to nine users and offers time delay, time delay override, dual mode, an audit trail of the last 100 events, duress alarm and disable input function. The manager mode in Level 2 allows the manager to ange the code, activiate user, delete user, test entry keys, programme the time delay feature and lock the audit function.

Certification: REL has been tested and approved by the world’s foremost certification bodies. The lock has been awarded a Grade B certification from ECB•S in accordance with EN 1300 and a Class 2 certification from VdS, as well as certificates from CNPP (Grade B), UL (Type 1) and DNV.

Quality and environmental management systems: REL is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

The illustration is an example of an interlocking system, where a REL lock is installed on each of the two security doors and on each of the three safes inside the room.

The interlocking system works by allowing only one unit to be open at a time. For example, when the inside door is open, the outside door must be locked. This prevents unauthorised access.

Keypad Tempeture


Keypad Hygrometry


Keypad Material


Front Housing Equipment

12 buttons, 3 lights,1 buzzer

Front Housing Dimensions

Depth 32 mm, diameter 90 mm

Locking Device Bolts

2 lengths of bolt – 9 mm and 15 mm for extra security.


Length 87 mm, width 61 mm, depth 36 mm


The locking device meets the standard footprint, a size which makes it easy to replace.


  • Alarm box
  • Blocking device 333
  • Blocking device 334
  • Anti-spy housing
  • Satellite board for extended audit – 500 events with time and date
  • Satellite board for time delay, time delay
  • override, disable opening, low battery warning signal and wrong code trial


Level 1
  • 1 user, time delay
  • Manager mode: change code, activiate user, delete user, test entry keys, programme time delay.
Level 2
  • 9 users, time delay, time delay override, dual mode, audit (last 100 events), alarm features (duress alarm, disable input)
  • Manager mode: change code, activiate user, delete user, test entry keys, programme time delay, lock audit function
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